Courage to Lead


We want a Mayor and Council who will be leaders for our community and make the choices to implement solutions to the challenges we face.

Courage to lead means:

  • Not just reacting to the situations that confront us, but being proactive in planning for our long term future, steering the community through short term immediate challenges to create and embrace our vision of the future
  • Making decisions in the face of competing agendas
  • Enhancing the sense of community for long time residents and those recently arrived, so that we feel proud to tell our stories of why we live here.  

Courage to lead doesn’t just apply to the Mayor of Sechelt. It’s much bigger than that. Other groups and individuals that will be encouraged and supported to exercise their leadership include:

  • Councillors, Officers and staff of the District of Sechelt
  • Private citizens and community associations
  • Local business owners and staff
  • Non profit and society leaders, staff and volunteers

Imagine a local municipal government that:

  • Aligns WITH the community
  • Assists in facilitating community led initiatives
  • Collaborates with other local governments including and especially with our shíshálh neighbours
  • Works with our federal and provincial counterparts wherever possible
  • Evaluates and accesses the many possible opportunities available to us and brings those opportunities to our community.

Courage to lead means reaching out to others, creating and nurturing those relationships, so we all prosper together. Local municipal government can set expectations that it’s going to happen, provide some incentives, and create the structure that will facilitate and enable others to also access opportunities available to us. That is the framework for responsive leadership.